Asian & Pacific American Heritage Month: The Cannabis Industry

Megan Newton, Quality Testing Lab, Irvine CA



Megan is the Founder & CEO of Quality Testing Lab, one of the first Asian-American Woman owned and operated Cannabis and Hemp testing labs in California.





Christine Yi Felicity Chen Potli







College roommates Christine & Felicity joined forces to create Potli edibles. They are best known for their delicious, low-dose infused honey, olive oils, and hot sauces.






Chef Haejin Chun Big Bad Wolf San Francisco





Haejin is a first generation Korean American Chef. She is the founder of Big Bad Wolf, where she hosts female cannabis dinners with meditation ceremonies, Terpene profile pairings & infused foods.











Ophelia is a pioneer in fighting the stigma against cannabis. She is the founder of Asian Americans for Cannabis Education (AACE), and in 2015, she founded Stock Pot Images.










Childhood friends Dae Lim and Mia Park grew up together and Korea and reunited in the U.S. to create Sundae School. What started out as a streetwear and lifestyle brand has since grown to include prerolls and a unique line of edibles flavors.








Monica Lo is the creative director over at Sous Weed, a Bay Area based blog highlighting her unique, infused Sous Vide recipes. Monica's work encourages folks to use the plant as a superfood ingredient, rather than just a psychoactive additive.








Based in Portland, Oregon, Lauren Yoshiko is a writer and editor for The Broccoli Report, which provides news and industry analysis' to cannabis creatives.





















QTL is honored to represent this community and proud to be included in this family. 

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