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California Regulations

Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) regulates cannabis and cannabis products, which need third-party laboratory testing to verify safety and potency compliance. The DCC regulates sampling techniques. Check their websites for the most up-to-date regulations.

Compliance Testing

Quality Testing Lab test panels fulfill California's Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) criteria for cannabis or cannabis products, which include laboratory-performed sampling of a cannabis batch to guarantee a representative sample is acquired. A sampler of our laboratory staff wraps the batch and carries it back to the lab, where the necessary tests are done here in Irvine California.

Compliance Testing

What exactly is a compliance batch?

A single unit of market-ready harvest cannabis or a processed product constitutes a compliance batch.

Batch Sizes Produced

Concentrates, cartridges, pre-rolls, edibles, and any other product not organically generated by the cannabis plant are examples of manufactured goods. A sample of 12 grams of viscous extracts, 18 grams of infused product, and 20 grams of vape cartridges is required by QTL lab. Products are sampled and tested in their final retail form.

Harvest Batch Dimensions

Flowers (both packed and unpackaged), trim, leaf debris, and kief are all part of a harvest batch. To complete the essential tests, our lab requires at least 16 grams of plant material. The sampler must collect the bare minimum of increments. For efficiency, unpacked harvest batches should be sampled from the bulk container.

Batch Maximum Size = 50 pounds

Sample Size = 0.0035 X Batch size

Cannabis R&D Testing in California

SC Laboratories has sample size criteria for each test performed on each product category to guarantee your data is as accurate and reliable as possible. These criteria may differ depending on the laboratory and the kind of product, so consult with your account manager to guarantee a successful sample submission.

Minimum Sample Size Required

R&D Testing

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